How to appoint a sub-domain in a S3 bucket

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I am using amazon s3 bucket as the image server. And I want to use a subdomain of my site, how to address this bucket.

Eg: A picture is now in, and I access it through this same link.

If the link was something like / folder / imag.png Is there any way I can do this? appoint a subdomain address to a bucket? I've tried the Amazon Route 53, as CNAME. I tried this:

But it did not work. Any workarounds?

Oct 12, 2018 in AWS by datageek
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You need to rename your bucket to match the custom domain name (e.g. and set up that domain as a CNAME to


(in your case)

The full instructions are available here:

answered Oct 12, 2018 by Archana
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