Outsourcing UI UX while keeping the app code secret

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I would like to outsource some UI/UX work to professional Designers while focusing on developing my web app. How can I supply some rough views and templates to work on to the designer while keeping the code inaccessible to the designer? I use Bitbucket and Jira.


Apr 25, 2023 in UI UX Design by Ashwini
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If you want to outsource your UI/UX design work while keeping your app code secret, here are some suggestions:

  1. Non-disclosure agreement: Before sharing any information with the designer, you should have them sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This will ensure that the designer agrees to keep your app code and any other sensitive information confidential.

  2. Design brief: To ensure that the designer understands your requirements, you should provide them with a design brief that outlines your app's features, target audience, branding guidelines, and any specific design requirements. You can also include wireframes, sketches, or rough designs to give them an idea of what you're looking for.

  3. Use design collaboration tools: There are several design collaboration tools available that allow you to work with designers without sharing your code. Some popular tools include Figma, InVision, and Sketch. These tools allow you to share designs, provide feedback, and collaborate with designers remotely.

  4. Use version control: If you're using Bitbucket for version control, you can create a separate repository for the design files and give the designer access to that repository only. You can also use Jira to manage tasks and provide feedback to the designer.

  5. Choose a reputable designer: When outsourcing your UI/UX work, it's important to choose a reputable designer who has experience working with confidential information. You can ask for references and check their portfolio to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience.

Remember to communicate clearly with the designer and provide them with feedback throughout the design process. This will help ensure that you get the design you want while keeping your app code safe.

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answered Apr 25, 2023 by vishalini

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