error The internal target platform type SqlAzureV12DatabaseSchemaProvider doesn t support schema file version 3 3

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Until a very few days ago I was able to import a V12 BACPAC from Azure to my local server with SQL Server 2014 SP1 CU6 (12.0.4449.0).

But now, when I try to import the BACPAC, my SQL Server Management Studio 2014 says:

"Internal Error. The internal target platform type SqlAzureV12DatabaseSchemaProvider does not support schema file version '3.3'. (File: D:\MyDB.bacpac) (Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Sql)"

I think I've the latest SQL Server 2014 SP1 version with all the latest updates (build 12.0.4449.0) but still I get this error.

Please help!

Sep 24, 2018 in Azure by null_void
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Fix: To resolve, use the latest SSMS Preview ( which installs the most up to date DacFx version. This understands how to process the latest features, notably Database Scoped Configuration Options. Once this is installed you can Import inside SSMS or using SqlPackage from the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DAC\bin” location if you prefer command line tools.

Alternatively, execute the following command on the Azure DB to set MaxDop value back to default since it appears the issue is that this has been changed to 1. Future exports should now produce bacpacs that can be understood by the 2014 client tools, assuming no other new Azure features have been added to the DB.


Root cause / why does this happen: The root cause is that your database have non-default values for 1 or more Database Scoped Configuration options. As these were only added very recently, older versions of the tools do not understand how to deploy them and so DacFx blocks. These are the only properties/objects with that high a schema version. Basically any time you see an error like “does not support schema file version '3.3'” it means you need to upgrade. One possible cause is if the database was migrated from AzureV1 -> AzureV12, which sets the MaxDop option to 1 from its default of 0.

Notes: It's strongly recommended that you use the latest SSMS and keep it up to date via the built-in update notifications if you're working with Azure. it will ensure that you avoid running into issues like this one. Generally if you only use the SQL Server 2014 surface area you should be able to use older tools when re-importing, but with the huge number of recent advancements in Azure SQL DB cases like this will crop up more and more often where the new tools are required in order to perform as expected.

For reference, I’m including the Database Scoped Configuration options and their default values below. If any of these properties are non-default on the DB when exporting the schema version gets bumped so that old tools do not break.

<!-- Database Scoped Configurations-->
<Property Name="MaxDop" Type="System.Int32" DefaultValue="0" />
<Property Name="MaxDopForSecondary" Type="System.Int32?" DefaultValue="null"/>
<Property Name="LegacyCardinalityEstimation" Type="System.Boolean" DefaultValue="false" />
<Property Name="LegacyCardinalityEstimationForSecondary" Type="System.Boolean?" DefaultValue="null" />
<Property Name="ParameterSniffing" Type="System.Boolean" DefaultValue="true" />
<Property Name="ParameterSniffingForSecondary" Type="System.Boolean?" DefaultValue="null" />
<Property Name="QueryOptimizerHotfixes" Type="System.Boolean" DefaultValue="false" />
<Property Name="QueryOptimizerHotfixesForSecondary" Type="System.Boolean?" DefaultValue="null" />
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