Error: The subscription is not registered to use namespace 'Microsoft.DataFactory

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Going through this tutorial "Create a pipeline with Copy Activity using Visual Studio" and recieving this error when i hit publish.

Creating datafactory-Name:VSTutorialFactory,Tags:,Subscription:Pay-As-You-Go,ResourceGroup:MyAppGroup,Location:North Europe,

24/03/2016 11:30:34- Error creating data factory:  
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.CloudException: MissingSubscriptionRegistration:  
The subscription is not registered to use namespace 'Microsoft.DataFactory'.

Error not mentioned anywhere on net and very little help/knowledge on azure generally on web.

Aug 24, 2018 in Azure by cloudie_crank
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In Azure, for each functionality there's a resource provider (Microsoft.DataFactory for example).

By default, your Azure Subscription is not registered with all resource providers and because your Subscription is not registered with Microsoft.DataFactory resource provider, you're getting this error.

What you have to do is manually register your subscription with a resource provider. If you're using Azure PowerShell, you can use Register-AzureRmResourceProvider Cmdlet to achieve the same. You would need to use syntax like below:

Register-AzureRmResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.DataFactory

Once your Subscription is registered with this resource provider, this error will go away.

answered Aug 24, 2018 by null_void
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