Generate VCards from Excel using VBA

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I'm considering making an excel file where I would manually enter the information for numerous contacts so that I could export the contacts (one at a time) or all of them to separate vfc files inside of a designated directory. I believe that using VBA would be the best option, but I am not very knowledgeable and could use some assistance.

Please see the below screenshot of the excel file with the contact fields.

enter image description here

Nov 21, 2022 in Others by Kithuzzz
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 Create a class called CContact with getters and setters for these properties.

Private mlContactID As Long
Private msLastName As String
Private msFirstName As String
Private msJobTitle As String
Private msCompany As String
Private msDepartment As String
Private msEmail As String
Private msBusinessPhone As String
Private msCellPhone As String
Private msPager As String
Private msFax As String

Create a CContacts class to hold all the CContact instances. In CContacts, create a FillFromRange method to load up all of the contacts.

Public Sub FillFromRange(rRng As Range)

    Dim vaValues As Variant
    Dim i As Long
    Dim clsContact As CContact

    vaValues = rRng.Value

    For i = LBound(vaValues, 1) To UBound(vaValues, 1)
        Set clsContact = New CContact
        With clsContact
            .ContactID = vaValues(i, 1)
            .LastName = vaValues(i, 2)
            .FirstName = vaValues(i, 3)
            .JobTitle = vaValues(i, 4)
            .Company = vaValues(i, 5)
            .Department = vaValues(i, 6)
            .Email = vaValues(i, 7)
            .BusinessPhone = vaValues(i, 8)
            .CellPhone = vaValues(i, 9)
            .Pager = vaValues(i, 10)
            .Fax = vaValues(i, 11)
        End With
        Me.Add clsContact
    Next i

End Sub

Create procedures to fill the classes, like this

Public Sub Auto_Open()


End Sub

Public Sub Initialize()

    Set gclsContacts = New CContacts

    gclsContacts.FillFromRange Sheet1.Range("C6").CurrentRegion

End Sub

I hope this helps you.

answered Nov 21, 2022 by narikkadan
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