Random word generator in Python

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I'm essentially working on a project where a user inputs a word from a list of terms, and the computer randomly jumbles it. There is only one issue: I don't want to always have to add numerous words to the list. As a result, I'm wondering if there is a method to import numerous random words, so that even I wouldn't know what they were and I could still enjoy the game. This is how the entire programme is coded, and I only used 6 words:

import random

WORDS = ("python", "jumble", "easy", "difficult", "answer",  "xylophone")
word = random.choice(WORDS)
correct = word
jumble = ""
while word:
    position = random.randrange(len(word))
    jumble += word[position]
    word = word[:position] + word[(position + 1):]
      Welcome to WORD JUMBLE!!!

      Unscramble the leters to make a word.
      (press the enter key at prompt to quit)
print("The jumble is:", jumble)
guess = input("Your guess: ")
while guess != correct and guess != "":
    print("Sorry, that's not it")
    guess = input("Your guess: ")
if guess == correct:
    print("That's it, you guessed it!\n")
print("Thanks for playing")

input("\n\nPress the enter key to exit")
If someone can help would really appreciaite the help
Nov 17, 2022 in Python by Samuel
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