How to get Shape s internal name in Excel

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When a picture is added using Shapes to an Excel spreadsheet. When using the AddPicture(...) method, Excel automatically names the image "Picture 1," "Picture 2," etc.

By using this name, you can obtain a reference to this form object from the Shapes collection, such as Shapes. Item ("Picture 1"). There are two separate names (or one of them is a key/Caption) through which the Shape object can be referred if the name is modified in Excel using the Name Box. I can therefore use any of them to refer to a shape in the Shapes collection if I alter the name to "MyPic":

Shapes.Item("Picture 1")

The name can be accessed using Shape.Name property in VBA but how can we access the other value (MyPic) that does not seem to change internally?

Nov 12, 2022 in Others by Kithuzzz
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You can reference a shape by using oSht.Shapes(Osht.Shapes.count) as soon as you add it to a worksheet (oSht). oSht.Shapes, then (osht.shapes.count). Name will reveal its name to you.

If you know a shape's name and want to locate its index in the Shapes collection, you must loop through the Shapes collection.

Until you locate it, name. You can create the "Picture n" alternate name or store the "Picture n" alternate name if you know the Index. By iterating through the Shapes collections until you locate the Shape.ID, you can also store the shape's ID property and later use it as a reference. The external name, alternate name, Shapes index, and ID will all be changed if the user changes the shape to another sheet before renaming it, making it impossible to distinguish it from the original form. Therefore, if this is an issue in your situation, you should think about shadow copying or sheet protection.
answered Nov 12, 2022 by narikkadan
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