Facebook iOS 9 SDK login redirects to mbasic facebook com on Safari

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I'm using the iOS 9 Facebook SDK to manage login. Prior to iOS 9, the process worked perfectly. It worked like this:

1) user taps on the Log In Via Facebook button on my app
2) user gets redirected to the Facebook app if the app is installed, otherwise redirected to Facebook's page on Safari
3) user authorizes my app's access to his/her Facebook credentials and redirects back to my app to complete login

However in iOS 9, according to this SO post the default behavior is that in step 2), user will be redirected to his/her Facebook page on Safari instead. This behavior causes the following issue that's quite frustrating:

A particular user has his/her Facebook page defaulted to mbasic.facebook.com, and when the user clicks on Log In Via Facebook on my app, it opens up Safari under the mbasic.facebook.com URL, and it shows the user's Facebook Home view with activity feeds rather than the app authorization page where the user can authorize my app. In this case, the user would have to:
1) Log out of his/her Facebook account;
2) Open my app, and click on the Log In Via Facebook button;
3) Safari opens up facebook.com and user will need to first log in his/her Facebook account and then authorize my app

This is A LOT to ask from the user. My question are:
1) How did the user get defaulted to the mbasic.facebook.com page instead of facebook.com?
2) Is there anything that we can do in the Facebook iOS 9 SDK setting to override this redirect to mbasic.facebook.com and instead have it redirect to facebook.com like before?

Nov 8, 2022 in Mobile Development by gaurav
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