Docker on mac error message can't connect to Docker endpoint

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Hey everyone, I have tried the vagrant devenv for multi-peers network and it worked fine. now I am trying to do the same thing on mac, but I got such err message

vp_1  | 07:21:42.489 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 04c Error building images: cannot connect to Docker endpoint
vp_1  | 07:21:42.489 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 04d Image Output:
vp_1  | ********************
vp_1  |
vp_1  | ********************
vp_1  | 07:21:42.553 [dockercontroller] Start -> ERRO 05b start-could not recreate container cannot connect to Docker endpoint
vp_1  | 07:21:42.553 [container] unlockContainer -> DEBU 05c container lock deleted(dev-jdoe-04233c6dd8364b9f0749882eb6d1b50992b942aa0a664182946f411ab46802a88574932ccd75f8c75e780036e363d52dd56ccadc2bfde95709fc39148d76f050)
vp_1  | 07:21:42.553 [chaincode] Launch -> ERRO 05d launchAndWaitForRegister failed Error starting container: cannot connect to Docker endpoint

Belowing is my compose file,

image: hyperledger/fabric-peer
- "5000:5000"
command: peer node start

I have tried assigning endpoint to "unix:///var/run/docker.sock" and it appear the other err message as belowing

vp_1  | 07:39:39.642 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 045 Error building images: dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: no such file or directory
vp_1  | 07:39:39.642 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 046 Image Output:
Sep 19, 2018 in Blockchain by digger
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While CORE_VM_ENDPOINT set to unix:///var/run/docker.sock, please make sure that var/run/docker.sock exists in your host. please mount it if its not exist.

Also, refer to the following question, Hyperledger Docker endpoint not found

answered Sep 19, 2018 by slayer
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