Running a custom docker image on GKE

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I want to use my custom docker image that I build on my machine on GKE. How can I do that?
Sep 18, 2018 in Kubernetes by Atul
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You'll have tom push your image to Google Container Registry and then refer it form your pod manifest.

Make sure that your DOCKER_HOST is setup properly, your Google Container Engine is running the latest version kubernetes and you have Google Cloud SDK installed.

  1. Setting environment variables

    gcloud components update kubectl
    gcloud config set project <your-project>
    gcloud config set compute/zone <your-cluster-zone>
    gcloud config set container/cluster <your-cluster-name>
    gcloud container clusters get-credentials <your-cluster-name>
  2. Tagging image

    docker tag <your-image><your-project>/<your-image>
  3. Push it on the registry

    gcloud docker push<your-project>/<your-image>
  4. Pod manifest for your container: my-pod.yaml

    id: my-pod
    kind: Pod
    apiVersion: v1
        - name: <container-name>
  5. Schedule pod

    kubectl create -f my-pod.yaml
  6. If you have multiple pods setup do this from step 4 for each of them. You can also have multiple definitions in a line using --- as delimiter
answered Sep 18, 2018 by ajs3033
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