Bitcoinj send payment from a wallet

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I want to make a send payment from my wallet.

public static Transaction send(Wallet wallet,String destinationAddress,long satoshis, NetworkParameters parameters)
            throws Exception {
        Address dest = Address.fromBase58(parameters, destinationAddress);
        SendRequest request =, Coin.valueOf(satoshis));
        Wallet.SendResult result = wallet.sendCoins(request);
        Transaction endTransaction = result.broadcastComplete.get();
        return endTransaction;

or tried to make

 SendRequest req;
        Transaction transaction = new Transaction(parameters);
        Coin coinToSpend = Coin.valueOf(600);
        //Address addressoSpend = new Address(parameters,"1PSq12YPRBCGwmb2cqqXaGpRrLfotsthPv");
        req = SendRequest.forTx(transaction);
        Wallet.SendResult sendResult = restoredWallet.sendCoins(req);

both of them return

Exception in thread "main" org.bitcoinj.core.InsufficientMoneyException: Insufficient money,  missing 0.0004729 BTC

How to properly send payment to another BTC address?

Sep 6, 2018 in Blockchain by digger
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1 answer to this question.

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The problem actually was with the input and output. In new versions of bitcoinj you should set unput and output ot make transaction. Unfortuanetly, it was not updated on officail page. Here below is the answer for my question:

            Coin value = Coin.valueOf(680l);
            Address to = Address.fromBase58(parameters, addressTo);

            Transaction transaction = new Transaction(parameters);
            transaction.addInput(wallet.getUnspents().get(0));// important to add proper input
            transaction.addOutput(value, to);

            SendRequest request = SendRequest.forTx(transaction);
            request.feePerKb = Coin.valueOf(1000);

            Wallet.SendResult sendResult = wallet.sendCoins(peerGroup, request);
answered Sep 6, 2018 by slayer
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why only getUnspents().get(0)?  why not sufficient number of unspent outputs as needed?

Hi, @Avlo,

Because it returns information of the unspent UTXO assets .

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