What do we mean by a validating peer

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Is a validating peer a node that verifies that X was the before state, T is the transaction and X' is the current state, or is it a node that verifies the business logic that T represents and the access level that should exist to invoke T?

Apr 19, 2018 in Blockchain by nsv999
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The term validating peer was used in the V0.6 of the Hyperledger Fabric

In Hyperledger v1.0 there are the following peers:

  • Endorser Peers: Nodes that receive a transaction and execute them against the Smart Contrat and they sign the result. They send the transaction signed to the peer that has sent it.
  • Committer Peers: Peers that get the Blocks (with the validates transactions) and commit them to its ledger.
  • Orderes: Nodes that sort the transactions and generate the blocks.

A peer can be Endorser and Comitter and an Endorser Peer can execute its own transactions.

  1. A peer gets the client request. This peer sends to the Endorser Peers the corresponding request.
  2. Then the Endorser Peers executes the request against their Smart Contract. They sign the response and send it to the initial Peer.
  3. If the result of all the responses is equal and the signatures are correct, the Initial Peer builds the transaction with the signs. It is sent to the Orderer.
  4. In the Ordering Service the signatures are verified. The Ordering Service creates the blocks cronologically and by channel. They are sent to the Comitter Peers.
  5. Each Comitter Peer validates each transaction of the Block. If OK, it append the Block to each local ledger.
answered Apr 19, 2018 by Christine
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