What are peers and how a user enrolls into a specific peer

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I am new to hyperledger fabric. I am using a sdk node with hyperledger fabric. I have 2 orgs and 4 peers. I have created a channel and have peer 2, peer 3, peer 4 joined to it. And there is another channel which have peer2, peer3 and org2 joined.

Now, if I enrolled a user, is this user enrolled to a specific peer? or it gets enrolled to a network? Supposing he he gets enrolled to the network, then he'll have access to all the channels, in that case how can we restrict them from outside channels?
May 3, 2018 in Blockchain by Johnathon
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In fabric, there is an admin, he manages the entities (the users, the peers..) that will be the part of the system. The admin also enrol an admin user for each organization, or he enrols the peers and users for each organization.

After enrolling each entity, the registry is done. When you do a registry aginst the certificate authority(CA), the CA generates a pair of keys, which is issued by the CA root. The user and the peer are thus enrolled to the CA. You need a peer to communicate with other peers and the orderer.

Also, you need a user to call the peer to genrate the transactions. When you create a channel, you have to define who is going to take part on it, i.e. you define which peers are going to interact among them. if your peer is not defined in the channel configuration, the acces for it will be restricted.

answered May 3, 2018 by Shashank
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Can we make channel access to user level by creating multiple users.

peer will be part of multiple channels but user should have access to specific channel.

can we do so and how.

This can be done by specifying desired permissions for each org or orderer in the configtx.yaml file. The structure is as follows:


Here you have to set the Read, Write and Admin configuration by mentioning the name of the member. 

Complete description here.

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