What are the differences between the hyperledger and Blockchain

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Hi,I am new to blockchain technology. While I was huddling through the documentation and other resources trying to learn Blockchain, I came across hyperledger fabric. As per the documentation, it is an implementation of blockchain concept.

So my question here is that is blockchain a concept and hyperledger is just an implementation of that concept.??

Also, I want to understand where does the transactions stored in hyperledger fabric?? I am aware that it has peer to peer architecture. Does every peer has the copy of the transactions.??
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To answer your first query.. Blockchain is the concept and hyperledger fabric is merely an enterprise based blockchain platform for private solutions.

Hyperledger fabric is specification for how trusted network should work,

Hyperledger is a community supported by different vendors. Some of these

Fabric is given by IBM
Intel gave Sawtooth Lake
Iroha was given by Soramitsu.

Difference between Blockchain and hyperledger

While Blockchain is a concept which can be implemented in many ways. It is basically a technology that stores data, on the other hand hyperledger uses blockchain as its database with another logic which is platform or framework dependent.

Answering your another question: hyperledger transactions are stored in the blockchain nodes.

Does every peer has a copy of growing transactions? Many peers have a copy of transaction ledger. For strong network, blockchain needs atleast 50% of the nodes to approve the transactions.

Transaction database: fabric uses Leveldb as a world state database, but this can be changed CouchDB for more complex queries.

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