What are the difference between various Hyperledger Projects

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There are around 5 projects currently under Hyperledger. Can't find any material that provides info about the distinctive features of every framework and how each of them differ and when to use which framework?
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Hyperledger incubates a plethora of business blockchain technologies, framework, under its “Umbrella strategy“. Currently, Hyperledger houses the following projects:


  • Sawtooth uses POET, proof of elapsed time, in an effort to speed up the process while making it less resource intensive 
  • The Fabric (or the Hyperledger Fabric) led by IBM was designed to develop highly scalable blockchain applications with the flexibility of permissions
  • Burrow is a smart contract implementation
  •  Iroha folds in mobility components
  •  Indy is an attempt to tackle the problem of Identity management
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