How to Print a List in Python

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Hi guys, I've been practicing lists in python recently and I've been having issues trying to print a list in python. I want to print out all the items in a list with the code below, especially the last two lines

def primefind(n):
  mylist = []
  x = 3
  while (x < n/2):
    if ((n % x) == 0):
      x = x + 2
  for item in mylist:
    print item

I am getting a syntax error when I run this. It highlights "item" in the last line. As far as I can tell it's syntactically correct so I am confused! Even this site shows the same syntax as I've used

Any ideas where I've gone wrong?

Aug 31, 2018 in Python by aryya
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ou are using Python 2.x syntax with a 3.x interpreter. print is a function in Python 3.x, so you should use



answered Aug 31, 2018 by charlie_brown
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