Memory Utilization for auto scaling group AWS

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I am Setting up AWS autoscaling, and while setting scaling policy i ran into this problem.
I wanted to use memory as a parameter, so i installed CLoudwatch's script for memory monitoring from below link.

When i use it for simple instance it works fine. but when i do it for autosacling with below command as suggested in above doc it gives error
./ --mem-util --mem-used --mem-avail --auto-scaling=only

WARNING: The Auto Scaling metrics will not be reported this time.
when i check this error on internet few people said it may be error of instance-id in /var/tmp/aws-mon i checked that is not the issue.

Any help is appreciated.

Aug 30, 2018 in AWS by bug_seeker
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Here is link to AWS support with same question.

Here is link to source code of the Perl script. I'm not sure if it can be publicated here, so open the ZIP file go to, and search for reported. From that to ifs it appear that the error occurs if you did not provided verify, nor autoscaling group name. Since first is only for testing - we have winner. Please provide autoscaling group name parameter...

Well, there are no that parameter, but if you look closer you can see that some lines before reported from find, there is query for that. So... your instance has no access.

Googling with CloudWatchClient::get_auto_scaling_group gives this result. From there you can read that you should grant your instance permission to publish data to CloudWatch...

If you have other questions, please - ask. I'll edit this answer, so we will have something more or less complete - not only for me.

answered Aug 30, 2018 by Priyaj
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