How do I disable detailed monitoring for instances in an auto scaling group in a CloudFormation template?

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I'm using CloudFormation to spin up some servers in an auto scaling group, and I want them all to use basic monitoring. I tried setting 

Monitoring to false in the AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup properties as well as the AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration, but AWS shows,                                         

CREATE_FAILED with the error message: Encountered unsupported property Monitoring.

Aug 31, 2018 in AWS by datageek
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The property you want is InstanceMonitoring, not Monitoring. It should apply to your LaunchConfiguration resource.


Indicates whether or not instance monitoring should be enabled for this
    autoscaling group. This is enabled by default. To turn it off, set
    InstanceMonitoring to "false".

Required: No. Default value is "true".
Type: Boolean
answered Aug 31, 2018 by Archana
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