Is there a way to get a trade history report from the Bitfinex API?

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I'm using Bitfinex's WebSockets API v2 via their Node.JS package. I am not able to get a report on my trade history through the API. When I authenticate like below:

const BFX = require('bitfinex-api-node')

const bitfinexClient = new BFX(API_KEY, API_SECRET, {
  version: 2,
  transform: true

bitfinexClient.on('open', () => {
  bws .auth()

The following code delivers nothing:

bitfinexClient.on('auth', () => {
  bitfinexClient.on('te', (data) => {

Both v1 and v2 of the API return an error saying that fetchMyTrades/fetchMyOrders is not supported yet. How do I get it done?

Aug 29, 2018 in Blockchain by sabby
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You can still fetch your private trades from Bitfinex v1 with CCXT, like here:

"use strict";

const ccxt = require ('ccxt')

const exchange = new ccxt.bitfinex ({
    'apiKey': 'YOUR_API_KEY', // ←---- change your credentials
    'secret': 'YOUR_SECRET',

(async () => {
    await exchange.loadMarkets ()
    const myTrades = await exchange.private_post_mytrades ({
        'symbol':['BTC/USD'].id, // ←-- choose your pair
        'timestamp': exchange.seconds () - 86400 * 365, // ← last 365 days
    console.log (myTrades)
}) ()
answered Aug 29, 2018 by Perry
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