Wordpress on AWS EC2 - broken after assigning elastic IP

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So, I got WordPress installed and working just fine. I can access the site and the wp-admin via the public DNS that I get from the instance.

However, once I create an elastic IP and associate it with the instance, I can no longer access wp-admin and the home page style sheets and JavaScript files are not loaded.

I am attempting to access the site and the wp-admin using the new public IP from the elastic IP. The same thing is true if I try to use the public DNS from either the elastic IP or the EC2 instance.

When I view the page source I see that the reason things aren't loaded is that the URL for all of the assets (.css, .js. etc,) is pointing to the bold public DNS

When I disassociate the elastic IP things do not go back to working again.

I'm missing something but don't know what.

Any help would be appreciated!!
Apr 21, 2022 in AWS by Rahul
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