Upload HLS playlist manifest file and media segment files to GCP directly

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I am working on VOD feature and for the past few days I am unable to output generated HLS playlist and files to GCP. I am using fluent-ffmpeg for uploading hls playlist to GCP. Here is the test code environment for uploading HLS to GCP using Node.js

const path = require('path');
const { Storage } = require('@google-cloud/storage');
const { createHLSPlaylist } = require('./utils/ffmpeg');

//* Creates a client, keyFileName is link to service account authentication credentials
const storage = new Storage({
  keyFilename: path.join(
  projectId: process.env.GCP_PROJECT_ID,

//* To be used in upload GCP videos controller (copy this file contents within controller)
const url = 'URL';
const bucket = storage.bucket('BUCKETNAME');
const playlistName = 'file.m3u8';

const newFile = bucket.file(playlistName);

createHLSPlaylist(url, newFile.createWriteStream());

and here is the ffmpeg code that transcodes video in url to hls playlist

const ffmpeg = require('fluent-ffmpeg');
const ffmpegInstaller = require('@ffmpeg-installer/ffmpeg');


const createHLSPlaylist = (url, stream) => {
  const command = ffmpeg(url, { timeout: 432000 })
      '-profile:v baseline',
      '-level 3.0',
      '-start_number 0',
      '-hls_time 10',
      '-hls_list_size 0',
      '-f hls',
    .on('end', (stdout, stderr) => {
      console.log('Transcoding succeeded !');
    .on('start', (commandLine) => {
      console.log('start', commandLine);
    .on('codecData', (data) => {
      console.log(`Input is ${data.audio} audio with ${data.video} video`);
    .on('progress', (progress) => {
      console.log(`Processing. Timemark: -> ${progress.timemark}`);
    .on('stderr', (stderrLine) => {
      // do nothing
    .on('error', (err, stdout, stderr) => {
      console.log(`error1: ${err}`);
      console.log(`error2: ${stdout}`);
      console.log(`error3: ${stderr}`);
      console.log(`Cannot process video: ${err.message}`);
    .on('data', (chunk) => {
      console.log(`ffmpeg just wrote ${chunk.length} bytes`);
    .pipe(stream, { end: true }); //end = true, close output stream after writing

module.exports = {

I get the following messages via console.log

Processing. Timemark: -> 00:00:28.62

Processing. Timemark: -> 00:00:28.62

Processing. Timemark: -> 00:00:28.62

Processing. Timemark: -> 00:00:28.89

Transcoding succeeded !

But nothing in GCP bucket, any pointers will be appreciated

EDIT: I also converted URL to readStream and followed the following answer on github but this time no progress is showed.

Apr 7, 2022 in GCP by Rahul
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