Sign in to Azure Account from VS Code

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How to sign in to my Azure subscription?
Mar 29, 2022 in Azure by Edureka
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  1. Open VS Code.
  2. Select Extensions on the left-side corner.

  3. In the search box, enter Azure Account.

  4. Select Azure Account and select Install.

    Azure Stack Hub Visual Studio Code

  5. Restart VS Code to load the extension.

  6. Press Ctrl+Shift+P, and select Preferences: Open User Settings (JSON).

  7. In the code editor, update the following JSON snippet with the values for your environment, and then paste snippet into the settings block.

  • Values:
Parameter Description The name of your environment.
azure.tenant The value of your Azure Stack Hub tenant ID.
azure.customCloud.resourceManagerEndpointUrl This is the root URL for the Azure Resource Manager for Azure Stack Hub.
validateAuthority You can leave out this parameter if you are using Azure AD as your identity manager. Add the parameter with a value of false if you are using AD FS.
  • JSON snippet:


      "": "AzureCustomCloud",
      "azure.customCloud.resourceManagerEndpointUrl": "https://management.region.<fqdn>",
      "azure.tenant": "<your-tenant-ID",
    8. Save the user settings (JSON) and use Ctrl+Shift+P once again. Select Azure: Sign in. The authentication page loads in your browser. Sign in to your endpoint.
     9. To test that you have successfully logged into your Azure Stack Hub subscription, use Ctrl+Shift+ P and select Azure: Select Subscription and see if the subscription you have is available.

Hope this helps!

Learn about Azure cloud architect certification here.


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