Azure App Service for windows Azure DevOps Release does not unzip the file on wwwroot forder

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I have built an app using NextJS and would like to deploy the app on an Azure App service. The deployment WORKS on the Vercel server without any customization. I am using the DevOps tools: Pipelines and Release features

the issue

The deployment on the "Azure App Service" fails because:

The zip file containing the deployed version of the app IS NOT unzipped under the site/wwwroot directory

QUESTION: What is the missing task that will deploy the zip file into the wwwroot directory?

here is the zip file uploaded by the Release' job

zip file containing the deployed app on /data/SitePackages

here is the Pipeline description

DevOps pipeline

here is the Release description

Azure App Service Deploy: fmplatform-nextjs-win

Mar 20, 2022 in Other DevOps Questions by Kichu
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