Which GPU should I use on Google Cloud Platform GCP

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Right now, I'm working on my master's thesis and I need to train a huge Transformer model on GCP. And the fastest way to train deep learning models is to use GPU. So, I was wondering which GPU should I use among the ones provided by GCP? The ones available at the current moment are:

  • NVIDIA® A100
  • NVIDIA® T4
  • NVIDIA® V100
  • NVIDIA® P100
  • NVIDIA® P4
  • NVIDIA® K80
Mar 19, 2022 in GCP by Rahul
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It all depends on what characteristics you are looking for.

Here is some information on the different GPU models and see which one suits you best.

Here you can see that.

  • FP32 -which stands for 32 bit floating point which is a measure of how fast this GPU card with single precision floating point operations. It is measured in TFLOPS or Tera Floating point operations.
  • Price- Hourly price on GCP
  • TFLOPS/Price- simply put how much operations will you get for one dollar

You can see that Nvidia A100 is the fastest.

Nvidia Tesla P4 is the slowest.

Nvidia A100 is the most expensive while Tesla P4 is the cheapest.

While Tesla P4 has the highest operations per dollar, A100 has the lowest operations per dollar.

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answered Mar 20, 2022 by Korak
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