How to add liquidity for an inflationary cryptocurrency

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I have an NFT collection that generates 1 token (let's call them COIN) every 24 hours (see CyberKongz). There is no ICO for COIN and the currency is 100% inflationary meaning the supply starts when the first NFT generates 1 COIN.

If the price of each NFT is .003 ETH and I purchase COIN with 5% of the proceeds from the sale, then the initial price after minting the first NFT would be .003 ETH * .05(%) = 0.00015 ETH or 50 cents USD.

Since the NFT generates COIN every day, and multiple NFT's are minted on any given day, how do I properly add liquidity to COIN keeping its price to two decimal places? If I purchase COIN with the proceeds of the sale, does it essentially just become like an ICO where one wallet holds most of the coins?

Does anyone have a good suggestion for the monetary policy of COIN given its inflationary nature?
Mar 16, 2022 in Blockchain by Soham
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This is the process of the functioning of inflation, but you can try using a kind of bot that listens to all the events to know how much tokens was minted and make it do the maths and decides when to add more liquidity and precisely, the quantity of liquidity to be used.
answered Mar 24, 2022 by Rahul
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