How to set fee in raw bitcoin transaction using btcutil

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I have set the fee to 0.0000016 bitcoin/kilobyte and then did the following:-

  1. ListUnspent

  2. SetTxFee

  3. CreateRawTransaction

  4. SignRawTransaction

  5. SendRawTransaction

But while trying to send the transaction, this is what I get:

-26: 256: absurdly-high-fee

Is there any other way to set the fee using this library?


ThreadRPCServer method=listunspent 
ThreadRPCServer method=settxfee 
ThreadRPCServer method=createrawtransaction 
ThreadRPCServer method=signrawtransaction 
ThreadRPCServer method=sendrawtransaction


amounts := map[btcutil.Address]btcutil.Amount{ destAddress: destAmount, }

It seems like it tries to send the whole sum of the transaction, not the amount I want it to send. If the transaction into A is 1 BTC and I want to send 0.3 BTC to another address, how to achieve this when setting amounts?

Mar 14, 2022 in Blockchain by Soham
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1 answer to this question.

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To answer your question, the settxfee is not used for the createrawtransaction command. However, if you have one input with 1 BTC and you send 0.9 BTC, the remaining amount is the transaction fee and if you don't want to set a transaction fee for 0.1 BTC you could send 0.09 to change address and leave that 0.01 and it's your transaction fee.

answered Mar 24, 2022 by Rahul
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