How to get the Name Box name of an Excel cell

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I have a cell in Excel for which I have assigned a variable name, this_cells_name, to a cell, D2, by using the Excel Name Box.

Here is an example of what the Excel Name Box is:

The Excel Name Box

I want to be able to point to that cell and get the variable name as a return value.

I know how to do the following:

  • use =CELL("address",D2) and get "$D$2" as a return value,
  • use =CELL("address",this_cells_name) and get "$D$2" as a return value.

I want to do the following:

  • use =some_function(D2) and get "this_cells_name" as a return value.

How can I do this? A VBA solution would be fine.

Mar 11 in Database by Edureka
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1 answer to this question.

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By typing in the Name Box, you may easily give the chosen cells a name. There are a few guidelines for Excel names.

Choose the cell(s) that will be renamed.

To the left of the formula bar, click the Name box.

Fill in a one-word name for the list, such as FruitList.

Enter the code.

Excel names in name box

When you're generating a name in Excel, follow these Microsoft guidelines.

A name's initial character must be a letter underscore (_) backslash (\).
Letters and numerals might make up the rest of the name.
Characters are highlighted by periods.
It is not permitted to do the following:
As part of a name, no space characters are permitted.
A$35 or R2D2 are examples of names that do not appear like cell phone numbers.
Excel employs the letters C, c, R, and r as selection shortcuts; they can't be used as names.
There is no distinction between upper and lower case for names. North and NORTH, for example, are used interchangeably.

answered Mar 15 by gaurav
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