How to get the Name Box name of an Excel cell

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I have a cell in Excel for which I have assigned a variable name, this_cells_name, to a cell, D2, by using the Excel Name Box.

Here is an example of what the Excel Name Box is:

The Excel Name Box

I want to be able to point to that cell and get the variable name as a return value.

I know how to do the following:

  • use =CELL("address",D2) and get "$D$2" as a return value,
  • use =CELL("address",this_cells_name) and get "$D$2" as a return value.

I want to do the following:

  • use =some_function(D2) and get "this_cells_name" as a return value.

How can I do this? A VBA solution would be fine.

Mar 11, 2022 in Database by Edureka
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1 answer to this question.

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By typing in the Name Box, you may easily give the chosen cells a name. There are a few guidelines for Excel names.

Choose the cell(s) that will be renamed.

To the left of the formula bar, click the Name box.

Fill in a one-word name for the list, such as FruitList.

Enter the code.

Excel names in name box

When you're generating a name in Excel, follow these Microsoft guidelines.

A name's initial character must be a letter underscore (_) backslash (\).
Letters and numerals might make up the rest of the name.
Characters are highlighted by periods.
It is not permitted to do the following:
As part of a name, no space characters are permitted.
A$35 or R2D2 are examples of names that do not appear like cell phone numbers.
Excel employs the letters C, c, R, and r as selection shortcuts; they can't be used as names.
There is no distinction between upper and lower case for names. North and NORTH, for example, are used interchangeably.

answered Mar 15, 2022 by gaurav
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