Scrypt algorithm output doesn t match up as expected

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I am trying to get my head around the scrypt algorithm output. Have tried to get the scrypt encryption result for the headerString:

01000000ae178934851bfa0e83ccb6a3fc4bfddff3641e104b6c4680c31509074e699be2bd672d8 d2199ef37a59678f92443083e3b85edef8b45c71759371f823bab59a97126614f44d5001d45920180 [little endian]


000000003b4ba52ab765631e20a04b88cd27f0b66d3509fb2da7781fae6d7901. [big endian]

I'm trying to replicate this but I'm not able to reproduce that result. I'm using an implementation that gives the correct output for the test vectors but when running the headerString through it with the correct settings for N,r,p (1024,1,1) i get the result

c17fcd0c6d698828112ade740d4e8ad76705764da3abfc49ff3bb1863cd16472. [big endian]

I have tried it with the same result those implementations with the same result from both:

data = "01000000ae178934851bfa0e83ccb6a3fc4bfddff3641e104b6c4680c31509074e699be2bd672d8 d2199ef37a59678f92443083e3b85edef8b45c71759371f823bab59a97126614f44d5001d45920180"; 

var result = scrypt(data,data, 1024,1,1,32); 
var result = scrypt.crypto_scrypt(scrypt.encode_utf8(data), scrypt.encode_utf8(data), 1024, 1, 1, 32);

I’m after the script call. I'm just parsing the byte array to a hex string. I just can't understand why I am not getting the same result when I have validated my scrypt implementation against the paper about it. I really need help solving this! If I haven't provided enough information please ask and I'll try my best to clear things out.

Mar 1, 2022 in Blockchain by Soham
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