Distinguish between private blockchains and hashgraph ripple

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After researching on different blockchains for use cases I came to conclusion that private blockchain is equivalent to distributed database.

I want to understand better as how private blockchain is better than distributed database.??
Apr 18, 2018 in Blockchain by anonymous

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Most of the distributed databases are fault tolerant, so even if few nodes go down they can still perform. In most DB implementations you know the nodes and also trust nodes. In permissioned distributed system, you know the nodes but you don't trust nodes.

Now it all depend on what and how you want to accomplish with a DLT. Hashgraph is being used where nodes know each other in the sense that their interests may not be perfectly aligned. Most distributed databases allow modification i.e. create and delete a data, but most of the blockchains don't allow any modification in the recorded data.

Most distributed databases have centralized user that control almost everything in the database. but most blockchain hae no single point control like that. So, there are varying degrees of immutability. the more copies the more immutable the data gets.

answered Apr 18, 2018 by Christine
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