Is there any way to change input type date format

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I'm working with HTML5 elements on my webpage. By default input type="date" shows date as YYYY-MM-DD. The question I have in my mind is if it is possible to change its format to something like: DD-MM-YYYY?

Feb 18 in Others by Rahul
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To answer your question, it is impossible to change the format and all we have to do is to differentiate between the over the wire format and the browser's presentation format. The HTML5 date input specifies a full-date format equal to: yyyy-mm-dd. This format is used by the value HTML attribute and DOM property and is the one used when doing an ordinary form submission. Whereas, for the presentation format, the browsers are unrestricted in how they present a date input. At the time of writing Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera have date support. They all display a date picker and format the text in the input field.
answered Feb 18 by Aditya
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