Bitcoin: parsing Blockchain API using JSON

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The Bitcoin TX has 10 inputs from 10 adresses. I want to retreive these adresses using the API.

The following code only retrieves the first adress instead of all 10:

import json

import urllib2

import sys

#Random BTC adress (user input)

btc_adress = ("1GA9RVZHuEE8zm4ooMTiqLicfnvymhzRVm")

#API call to blockchain

url = ""+(btc_adress)+"?format=json"

json_obj = urllib2.urlopen(url)

data = json.load(json_obj)

#Put tx's into a list

txs_list = []

for txs in data["txs"]:


#Cut the list down to 5 recent transactions

listcutter = len(txs_list)

if listcutter >= 5:

    del txs_list[5:listcutter]

# Get number of inputs for tx

recent_tx_1 = txs_list[1]

total_inputs_tx_1 = len(recent_tx_1["inputs"])

The block below needs to put all 10 input adresses in the list 'Output_adress'. It only does so for the first one;

output_adress = []


print output_address
Aug 22, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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Because you only add one address to it. Change it to this:

output_adress = []

for i in xrange(len(recent_tx_1["inputs"])):


print output_adress

answered Aug 22, 2018 by digger
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