Facing rendering issue in AWS EC2 instance

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I have been working on the ec2 instance. I have created a Windows server 2016 ec2 instance using t (t2.2xlarge) and m  (m4.2x large) with GPU enabled and g (g3.4xlarger) instance with Nvidia grid enabled. But I was not able to get the proper rendering (in either youtube video or any other 3D application) in any of the cases. I want to know whether I am using the wrong instance or am I missing something  due to which I am not able to achieve proper rendering
Aug 20, 2018 in AWS by Vanshika
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Hey @Vanshika there could be many factors for the problem that you are facing to get a better rendering choose the instance size and capacity accordingly
you can get a better understanding here:-

answered Aug 21, 2018 by Priyaj
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If you are running a 3D application then you must be doing some experimentation before getting started because many times what happens is that the instance size is too small to run the application and many times its too big and you don't want to end up paying extra for things you are not using.
Currently if you all your instance configuration is maxed and that means you must be having a slow internet connection for accessing your instance or maybe you have many other application running so that your remote machine is not getting enough RAM to process.
According to what i found on the web these are the probable reasons.
answered Aug 21, 2018 by bug_seeker
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answered Aug 21, 2018 by Omkar
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If you are not able to remotely log on to a Windows Server EC2 instance from a user account that is not an administrator account, ensure that you have granted the user the right to log on locally. See Grant a user or group the right to log on locally to the domain controllers in the domain.

answered Sep 3, 2018 by findingbugs
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