How hadoop command works with javac?

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I was reading Apache mapreduce tutorial

I was able to run the example and get the desired result. However, I am not able to understand how it is asked that we should run following to compile the Java file.

$ bin/hadoop

I went through the hapdoop command details. It partitioned all hadoop switches under General options, User commands, and Administrator commands. I didn't found where above javac command is given in hadoop command page.

Q. In fact actually I didn't get how above command works. I mean we usually specify hyphen-prefixed options in front of the commands. However, this above command asks to run javac in a way that I never saw before. I usually used to compile java files directly by javac Why here is it asked to not do this way?

Q. Also there is .Main in in the given command. What does this mean?

Aug 17, 2018 in Big Data Hadoop by Frankie
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Javac is used for compiling your java code. If you notice the WordCount example, there are a lot of import statements which require you to add the corresponding jars in the classpath.

when you run hadoop, hadoop would have already loaded all these dependent jar for compiling your program. You can test it by running javac and compiler would throw cannot find symbol error if you don't already have these required jar in your classpath.

With the Hadoop, you can set the compiler that you want it to use for compiling your code. is the programmatic interface for the Java Programming Language

When you execute bin/hadoop , with the first parameter as and second parameter as, it uses the to compile
answered Aug 17, 2018 by Neha
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