Running a childProcess as shell script with node.js server

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I'm running a shell script on my node.js server. Now, one childProcess works perfectly:
childProcess.exec('ls /media/external/', movieCallback); 

But the other process just won't work:
childProcess.exec('~/./ /media/external/' +, function() {}); 

Here's the error I get:
/bin/sh: 1: /root/./ not found 

Also, running the script in terminal, it works just fine. I've double-checked that chmod +x is set.
Any clues on what could be going wrong?
Do tell! Thanks in advance.

Aug 14, 2018 in IoT (Internet of Things) by Bharani
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Here's what I think, you could pass the arguments error, stdout and stderr to the exec function callback. Then, try identifying the problem by spitting them out to the console so that it's easy to spot it out:

exec('~/./ /media/external/' +,
  function (error, stdout, stderr) {
    console.log('stdout: ' + stdout);
    console.log('stderr: ' + stderr);
    if (error !== null) {
      console.log('exec error: ' + error);

Hope this helps! :)

answered Aug 14, 2018 by DataKing99
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