Using FIWARE to start Cygnus as a Service in IoT Solution

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While creating a solution I tried starting cygnus using RPMs on fiware image CentOS-7-x64 but I am unable to start it as a service, Here is my logs:

[centos@cygnus-mongo conf]$ sudo service cygnus start
Starting cygnus (via systemctl):  Job for cygnus.service failed. See 'systemctl status cygnus.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details.
[centos@cygnus-mongo conf]$ sudo journalctl -xn
-- Logs begin at mer. 2015-10-07 07:48:29 UTC, end at mer. 2015-10-07 10:02:35 UTC. --
oct. 07 10:02:20 cygnus-mongo.novalocal su[5700]: pam_unix(su:session): session closed for user cygnus
oct. 07 10:02:22 cygnus-mongo.novalocal cygnus[5695]: cat: /var/run/cygnus/ No such file or directory
oct. 07 10:02:22 cygnus-mongo.novalocal cygnus[5695]: [FAILED]
oct. 07 10:02:22 cygnus-mongo.novalocal cygnus[5695]: rm: cannot remove ‘/var/run/cygnus/’: No such file or directory
oct. 07 10:02:22 cygnus-mongo.novalocal systemd[1]: cygnus.service: control process exited, code=exited status=1
oct. 07 10:02:22 cygnus-mongo.novalocal systemd[1]: Failed to start SYSV: cygnus.
-- Subject: Unit cygnus.service has failed
-- Defined-By: systemd
-- Support:
-- Unit cygnus.service has failed.
-- The result is failed.
oct. 07 10:02:22 cygnus-mongo.novalocal systemd[1]: Unit cygnus.service entered failed state.
oct. 07 10:02:34 cygnus-mongo.novalocal dhclient[1064]: DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port 67 (xid=0x761299ef)
oct. 07 10:02:34 cygnus-mongo.novalocal dhclient[1064]: DHCPACK from (xid=0x761299ef)
oct. 07 10:02:35 cygnus-mongo.novalocal sudo[5774]: centos : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/usr/cygnus/conf ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/journalctl -xn

Actually the directory /var/run/cygnus was not created, is it going to be created automatically?

Here is my configuration files:


cygnusagent.sources = http-source
cygnusagent.sinks = mongo-sink 
cygnusagent.channels = mongo-channel 

# source configuration
# channel name where to write the notification events
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.channels = mongo-channel 
# source class, must not be changed
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.type = org.apache.flume.source.http.HTTPSource
# listening port the Flume source will use for receiving incoming notifications
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.port = 5050
# Flume handler that will parse the notifications, must not be changed
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.handler =
# URL target
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.handler.notification_target = /notify
# Default service (service semantic depends on the persistence sink)
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.handler.default_service = def_serv
# Default service path (service path semantic depends on the persistence sink)
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.handler.default_service_path = def_servpath
# Number of channel re-injection retries before a Flume event is definitely discarded (-1 means infinite retries)
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.handler.events_ttl = 10
# Source interceptors, do not change
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.interceptors = ts gi
# TimestampInterceptor, do not change
cygnusagent.sources.http-source.interceptors.ts.type = timestamp
# GroupinInterceptor, do not change =$Builder
# Grouping rules for the GroupingInterceptor, put the right absolute path to the file if necessary
# See the doc/design/interceptors document for more details = /usr/cygnus/conf/grouping_rules.conf

# ============================================
# OrionMongoSink configuration
# sink class, must not be changed
cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.type =
# channel name from where to read notification events = mongo-channel
# FQDN/IP:port where the MongoDB server runs (standalone case) or comma-separated list of FQDN/IP:port pairs where the MongoDB replica set members run
cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.mongo_hosts =
# a valid user in the MongoDB server (or empty if authentication is not enabled in MongoDB)
cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.mongo_username = 
# password for the user above (or empty if authentication is not enabled in MongoDB)
cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.mongo_password =
# prefix for the MongoDB databases
cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.db_prefix = kura_
# prefix pro the MongoDB collections
cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.collection_prefix = kura_
# true is collection names are based on a hash, false for human redable collections
cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.should_hash = false

# mongo-channel configuration
# channel type (must not be changed)
cygnusagent.channels.mongo-channel.type = memory
# capacity of the channel
cygnusagent.channels.mongo-channel.capacity = 1000
# amount of bytes that can be sent per transaction
cygnusagent.channels.mongo-channel.transactionCapacity = 100

cygnus_instance_mongo.conf :

# Who to run cygnus as. Note that you may need to use root if you want
# to run cygnus in a privileged port (<1024)

# Where is the config folder

# Which is the config file

# Name of the agent. The name of the agent is not trivial, since it is the base for the Flume parameters 
# naming conventions, e.g. it appears in .sources.http-source.channels=...

# Name of the logfile located at /var/log/cygnus. It is important to put the extension '.log' in order to the log rotation works properly

# Administration port. Must be unique per instance

# Polling interval (seconds) for the configuration reloading

Edit: add logs after lunching cygnus as a standalone application:

[centos@cygnus-mongo iot]$ ./ 
+ exec /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk.x86_64/bin/java -Xmx20m -Dflume.root.logger=INFO,console -cp '/usr/cygnus/conf:/usr/cygnus/lib/*:/usr/cygnus/plugins.d/cygnus/lib/*:/usr/cygnus/plugins.d/cygnus/libext/*' -Djava.library.path= -f /usr/cygnus/conf/agent_mongo.conf -n cygnusagent
SLF4J: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings.
SLF4J: Found binding in [jar:file:/usr/cygnus/lib/slf4j-log4j12-1.6.1.jar!/org/slf4j/impl/StaticLoggerBinder.class]
SLF4J: Found binding in [jar:file:/usr/cygnus/plugins.d/cygnus/lib/cygnus-0.8.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar!/org/slf4j/impl/StaticLoggerBinder.class]
SLF4J: See for an explanation.
2015-10-08 15:50:32,629 (main) [INFO -] Starting a Jetty server listening on port 8081 (Management Interface)
2015-10-08 15:50:32,655 (main) [INFO -] Logging to org.slf4j.impl.Log4jLoggerAdapter(org.mortbay.log) via org.mortbay.log.Slf4jLog
2015-10-08 15:50:32,656 (main) [INFO -] Starting Cygnus application
2015-10-08 15:50:32,656 (Thread-1) [INFO -] jetty-6.1.26
2015-10-08 15:50:32,684 (lifecycleSupervisor-1-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.node.PollingPropertiesFileConfigurationProvider.start(] Configuration provider starting
2015-10-08 15:50:32,694 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.node.PollingPropertiesFileConfigurationProvider$] Reloading configuration file:/usr/cygnus/conf/agent_mongo.conf
2015-10-08 15:50:32,714 (conf-file-poller-0) [WARN - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration.<init>(] Configuration property ignored: cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.mongo_username = 
2015-10-08 15:50:32,714 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration$AgentConfiguration.addProperty(] Processing:mongo-sink
2015-10-08 15:50:32,715 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration$AgentConfiguration.addProperty(] Processing:mongo-sink
2015-10-08 15:50:32,715 (conf-file-poller-0) [WARN - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration.<init>(] Configuration property ignored: cygnusagent.sinks.mongo-sink.mongo_password = 
2015-10-08 15:50:32,715 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration$AgentConfiguration.addProperty(] Added sinks: mongo-sink Agent: cygnusagent
2015-10-08 15:50:32,716 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration$AgentConfiguration.addProperty(] Processing:mongo-sink
2015-10-08 15:50:32,716 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration$AgentConfiguration.addProperty(] Processing:mongo-sink
2015-10-08 15:50:32,716 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration$AgentConfiguration.addProperty(] Processing:mongo-sink
2015-10-08 15:50:32,716 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration$AgentConfiguration.addProperty(] Processing:mongo-sink
2015-10-08 15:50:32,731 (Thread-1) [INFO -] Started SocketConnector@
2015-10-08 15:50:32,744 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration.validateConfiguration(] Post-validation flume configuration contains configuration for agents: [cygnusagent]
2015-10-08 15:50:32,745 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.node.AbstractConfigurationProvider.loadChannels(] Creating channels
2015-10-08 15:50:32,758 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO -] Creating instance of channel mongo-channel type memory
2015-10-08 15:50:32,765 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.node.AbstractConfigurationProvider.loadChannels(] Created channel mongo-channel
2015-10-08 15:50:32,766 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.DefaultSourceFactory.create(] Creating instance of source http-source, type org.apache.flume.source.http.HTTPSource
2015-10-08 15:50:32,782 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO -<init>(] Cygnus version (0.8.2.UNKNOWN)
2015-10-08 15:50:32,808 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO -] Startup completed
2015-10-08 15:50:32,836 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.DefaultSinkFactory.create(] Creating instance of sink: mongo-sink, type:
2015-10-08 15:50:32,856 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.node.AbstractConfigurationProvider.getConfiguration(] Channel mongo-channel connected to [http-source, mongo-sink]
2015-10-08 15:50:32,872 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.node.Application.startAllComponents(] Starting new configuration:{ sourceRunners:{http-source=EventDrivenSourceRunner: { source:org.apache.flume.source.http.HTTPSource{name:http-source,state:IDLE} }} sinkRunners:{mongo-sink=SinkRunner: { policy:org.apache.flume.sink.DefaultSinkProcessor@7caba647 counterGroup:{ name:null counters:{} } }} channels:{{name: mongo-channel}} }
2015-10-08 15:50:32,872 (conf-file-poller-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.node.Application.startAllComponents(] Starting Channel mongo-channel
2015-10-08 15:50:32,968 (lifecycleSupervisor-1-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.instrumentation.MonitoredCounterGroup.register(] Monitoried counter group for type: CHANNEL, name: mongo-channel, registered successfully.
2015-10-08 15:50:32,968 (lifecycleSupervisor-1-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.instrumentation
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Cygnus is supposed to create /var/run/cygnus/ when started. You can the path specification, and creation and PID assignement.

I'm wondering which are the permissions of your /var/run... Maybe they are too restrictive for the cygnus user.

Anyway, are you able to run Cygnus as a standalone application (not as a service) with no errors? I mean, executing this command:

$ /usr/cygnus/bin/cygnus-flume-ng agent --conf /usr/cygnus/conf -f /usr/cygnus/conf/agent_mongo.conf -n cygnusagent -Dflume.root.logger=INFO,console
answered Aug 13, 2018 by anonymous2
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