Installing the Jenkins slave service by Jenkins

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jenkins : 1.642.2

slave windows 2012 R2

JDK 1.7

In the Windows slave I’ve checked the service .msc but i don't find the jenkins slave service, when i open manage node in the Manage jenkins and click : Bring this node back online, i have this following log :

[windows-slaves] Connecting to WS8888
Checking if Java exists
java -version returned 1.7.0.
[2016-09-29 14:44:52] [windows-slaves] Installing the Jenkins slave service
[2016-09-29 14:44:52] [windows-slaves] Copying jenkins-slave.exe
[2016-09-29 14:44:52] [windows-slaves] Copying slave.jar
[2016-09-29 14:44:52] [windows-slaves] Copying jenkins-slave.xml
[2016-09-29 14:44:52] [windows-slaves] Registering the service
[2016-09-29 14:44:52] [windows-slaves] Starting the service
[2016-09-29 14:44:52] [windows-slaves] Waiting for the service to become ready
[2016-09-29 14:44:57] [windows-slaves] Connecting to port 56,783
<===[JENKINS REMOTING CAPACITY]===>Slave.jar version: 2.53.3
This is a Windows slave

when i stop the slave from jenkins this service disappears.

Aug 14, 2018 in Jenkins by Hannah
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In the slave machine try install the slave service with the jenkins user. You can install a slave service in windows machine (master can be in linux) check the slave folder configured in slave configuration (folder created in slave machine(windows)). if not create the folder in slave machine and verify jenkins-slave.exe is available in the folder.
answered Aug 14, 2018 by Kalgi
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