RVM and Jenkins setup

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I’m a fresher when it comes to Jenkins CI and I’ve installed RVM in my remote Jenkins. When I try to execute the following shell commands,

#!/bin/bash -x
source ~/.bashrc
rvm use 1.9.3@rails-3.2.3

I get the the error

+ source /var/lib/jenkins/.bashrc
++ PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games:/var/lib/jenkins/.rvm/bin:/var/lib/jenkins/.rvm/bin
+ rvm use 1.9.3@rails-3.2.3
RVM is not a function, selecting rubies with 'rvm use ...' will not work.
You need to change your terminal settings to allow shell login.
Please visit https://rvm.io/workflow/screen/ for example.

Where am I going wrong?

Aug 9, 2018 in Jenkins by lina
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adding a shebang to the build commands in jenkins fixed this for me

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    rvm use 2.0.0
    bundle install
    rake test

answered Aug 9, 2018 by Kalgi
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Try this:

. $(/home/RVM_USER/.rvm/bin/rvm env 1.9.3@rails-3.2.3 --path)

make sure you run the stable RVM:

rvm get stable
answered Aug 10, 2018 by Nilesh
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