How do I know which datastore indexes are in error

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I cann't run update_indexes on google datastore. I get an error message telling me to determine which indexes are in error by looking at GUI and then to delete these indexes. Out of the 200 indexes, 51 have error.

Good devops practice says this task should be done automatically. How can I determine which index is problematic.

Cannot build indexes that are in state ERROR.To vacuum and rebuild your indexes:
1. Create a backup of your index.yaml specification.
2. Determine the indexes in state ERROR from your admin console:
3. Remove the definitions of the indexes in ERROR from your index.yaml file.
4. Run " vacuum_indexes your_app_dir/"
5. Wait until the ERROR indexes no longer appear in your admin console.
6. Replace the modified version of your index.yaml file with the original.
7. Run " update_indexes your_app_dir/"
Jul 27, 2018 in Docker by DragonLord999
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There was no public API for managing indexes in cloud datastore. The functionality has since been added to the Google cloud datastore. Refer to the docs here.

answered Jul 27, 2018 by ajs3033
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