Is from thesponsor value 10000000 gas 3000000 considered as a transaction object

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I was going through the IDM Example for Ethereum smart contract and i came across the following code:


ss.pledge("Good luck with the run!", {from: thesponsor, value: 10000000, gas: 3000000});

and the pledge function is as follows:

function pledge(bytes32 _message) {

  if (msg.value == 0 || complete || refunded) throw;

  pledges[numPledges] = Pledge(msg.value, msg.sender, _message);



I am getting a little confused here. Is the solidity seeing {from: thesponsor, value: 10000000, gas: 3000000} as a

msg object that is used to transfer ethers? If yes, then if i write a json object with the keywords "from"and "value",

would it make a fund transaction accidentally?

Jul 25, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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1 answer to this question.

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Yes, {from: thesponsor, value: 10000000, gas: 3000000} is considered and interpreted as a transactionObject. Let me

explain why it is so. Any transaction on Ethereum that causes a state change(create, update or delete) requires a

transactionObject. So in the above code mentioned in your question, it is interpreted as a transactionObject.

Look at the example of the pledge function mentioned below:

1   // add a new pledge

2   function pledge(bytes32 _message) {

3    if (msg.value == 0 || complete || refunded) throw;

4    pledges[numPledges] = Pledge(msg.value, msg.sender, _message);

5    numPledges++;


In this code snippet, you can see that lines 4 and 5 cause state change. To cause these state changes, it is required that you provide gas. The pledge function also has a msg.value which is the Ethereum amount you want to send in the pledge and it is denoted by value.

To know the structure of the transactionObject and to know more about it, you can visit:

answered Jul 25, 2018 by digger
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