Can I make my smart contract private in Quorum

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I want to make my smart contract private, like only for a certain number of nodes. Is this possible in Quorum?
Jul 23, 2018 in Blockchain by digger
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Yes, it is possible. You can look at the following example to know how to do it:
In this example, the smart contract is made private only between node1 to node7.
To make it private the script file author used public key passed by private key."sending of a private transaction 
to generate a (private) smart contract (SimpleStorage) sent from node 1 "for" node 7 (denoted by the public key 
passed via privateFor: ["ROAZBWtSacxXQrOe3FGAqJDyJjFePR5ce4TSIzmJ0Bc="] in the sendTransaction call)."

The keys are already generated for the nodes. There are dummy public keys assigned to each node and it can be found
in the  \quorum-examples\examples\7nodes\keys location.

answered Jul 23, 2018 by slayer
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