Fetch AzureVm name from private IP in powershell

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How can I fetch AzureVM name from IP address. I have already tried to get NIC name from IP by doing the following.

Get-AzureRmNetworkInterface | ForEach { $Interface = $_.Name; $IPs = $_ | Get-AzureRmNetworkInterfaceIpConfig | Select PrivateIPAddress; Write-Host $Interface $IPs.PrivateIPAddress }

Can this be done in a better way?

Jul 17, 2018 in DevOps on Cloud by Atul
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If by a better way you mean using VM's private IP to get it's name then you can use the following powershell to get VM's name:

PS C:> get-azurermvm

ResourceGroupName  Name Location      VmSize OsType     NIC ProvisioningState
-----------------  ---- --------      ------ ------     --- -----------------
RGNAME            Kylie   eastus Standard_A1  Linux Kylie69         Succeeded

PS C:\> $a = ((Get-AzureRmNetworkInterface | ?{$_.IpConfigurations.PrivateIpAddress -eq ''}).VirtualMachine).ID
PS C:\> $vmname = ($a -split '/') | select -Last 1
PS C:\> $vmname
answered Jul 17, 2018 by DareDev
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