joining two images reading from one folder

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Hi, i am trying to generating joined images with two or three individual images . so, i am reading the individual images from the same folder which contains 200840 images of handwritten Bangla characters . but i am having issue with reading the images simultaneously and joining them . here i have attached me code .  its showing error like 

Cannot understand given URI: ['Train_169700.png', 'Train_66828.png', 'Train_123835.png....

def get_concat_h_resize(im1, im2, resample=Image.BICUBIC, resize_big_image=True):
    if im1.height == im2.height:
        _im1 = im1
        _im2 = im2
    elif (((im1.height > im2.height) and resize_big_image) or
          ((im1.height < im2.height) and not resize_big_image)):
        _im1 = im1.resize((int(im1.width * im2.height / im1.height), im2.height), resample=resample)
        _im2 = im2
        _im1 = im1
        _im2 = im2.resize((int(im2.width * im1.height / im2.height), im1.height), resample=resample)
    dst ='RGB', (_im1.width + _im2.width, _im1.height))
    dst.paste(_im1, (0, 0))
    dst.paste(_im2, (_im1.width, 0))
    return ds
train_data_path = os.path.join(data_path, 'train_images128')
images = os.listdir(train_data_path)
train_dir = '../input/resized128shapna/train_images128'
images1 = images[1::2]
images2= images[::2]

h= 64
w= 64

x_train = np.zeros((len(images1), h, w), dtype=np.uint8)
index = 0
for x in range(len(images1)):
 image1 = imread(os.path.join(train_dir, images1[x]))
 image2 = imread(os.path.join(train_dir, images2[x]))
 joined = get_concat_h_resize(image1,image2)

 x_train[index] = joined
 index += 1

Jan 3, 2021 in Python by shapna
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