Is it possible to call one python script from another Python Script

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I have a script call in which I have some code. Now i want to run this script by calling it from another script called How to do it in Python?
Jul 2, 2019 in Python by Neel
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Yes it is possible.

Suppose your script has the following code.

def my_func():
    print 'I am in abc'

if __name__ == '__main__':

Now you can call this script from another script by following code

import abc

def service_func():
    print 'service func'

if __name__ == '__main__':

Hope this helps!!

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answered Jul 2, 2019 by Arvind
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this method doesn't work, since my_func() in if __name__=='__main__' when my_func() has arguments and also for command line arguments

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To call one python script from another Python Script

Step 1: Place the Python Scripts in the Same Folder

To start, you’ll need to place your Python scripts in the same folder.

For example, I placed two Python scripts (called python_1 and python_2) in the same folder as below:

Place 2 scripts in a folder

The ultimate goal is to run the python_2 script from the python_1 script.

Step 2: Add the Syntax

Next, add the syntax to each of your scripts.

For instance, I added the following syntax under the python_1 script:

import python_2

print ('what are you up to?')


  • The first line of ‘import python_2’ in the python_1 script, would call the second python_2 script. Whenever you want to run one Python script from another, you’ll need to import the exact name of the Python script that you’d like to call
  • The second part of the code simply prints the expression of ‘what are you up to?’

How to Run One Python Script From Another

Now let’s add the syntax under the python_2 script:

print ('hello world')

In this case, the expression of ‘hello world’ would be printed when running the second script.

Print in Python

Note that you must first save the syntax that was captured in the python_2 script before calling it from another script:

Save script

Step 3: Run One Python Script From Another

Now you’ll need to run the script from the python_1 box in order to call the second script:

How to Run One Python Script From Another

Notice that the results of the python_2 script would be displayed first, and only then the results of the python_1 script would be displayed:

hello world

what are you up to?

Hope it helps!!

answered Jun 30, 2020 by Niroj
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There are multiple ways to make one Python file run another.

1. Use it like a module. import the file you want to run and run its functions. For example, say you want to import into, assuming the files are in the same directory, inside fileA you'd write

import fileB

Now in fileA, you can call any function inside fileB like:


2. You can use the exec command. 


 executes the file in the interpreter.

3. You can spawn a new process using the os.system command.

For example

answered Dec 16, 2020 by Roshni
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Try using os.system:

os.system(" 1")

execfile is different because it is designed to run a sequence of Python statements in the current execution context. That's why sys.argv didn't change for you.

answered Dec 16, 2020 by Gitika
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