Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Internship Program

Complete the capstone project & earn an Edureka Cyber Security Internship Program Certificate

  • Ethically Hack an E-commerce website like Amazon
  • Master Linux, Information Gathering, Ethical Hacking and Web Application Hacking
  • Become a Professional in Cyber Security with 100% hands-on training
  • Live instructor-led online classes by industry experts
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Program Benefits

Access Career Services & Job Assistance
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Get practical experience in working on real-world projects from scratch
Why Cyber Security?
  • A Cyber Security professional can earn up to 25 Lakhs in India and up to 220000 Dollars in the United States
  • Top Companies like Apple, IBM, Accenture etc. are hiring Cyber Security Professionals
  • A Cyber Security expert can work in various domains and industries, including, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and more

Technologies You Will learn

Cyber Security Internship Program Certificates

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Edureka learners have been placed at many companies with a global presence with the help of our Career and Placement Assistance Programs. A few of these companies are:

Cyber Security Internship Program Curriculum

What you will learn: Operating Systems and Networking Fundamentals

  • Learn Linux Fundamentals, Tools in Kali Linux and System Security, OS Security and Basics of Networking, Network Security and Protocols.
  • Module 1 Interview Preparation

What you will learn: Cryptography and Application Security

  • Cryptography and Access Control, Session Management and Web Security, Web Technologies and Database Security, File Security and Mobile Security
  • Module 2 Interview Preparation

What you will learn: Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

  • Secure Development Methodologies and Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Anonymity and Information Gathering, Advanced Reconnaissance and Network Scanning, Enumeration
  • Module 3 Interview Preparation

What you will learn:Web Application Hacking and OWASP Top 10

  • Vulnerability Analysis and Introduction to Web Application Hacking, Advanced Web Application Hacking, SQL Injection and Tools, Session Hijacking and OWASP Part 2, OWASP Part 3 and Social Engineering
  • Module 4 Interview Preparation

This Program includes the same hands-on experience you get in an internship with a top-tech company.*

*The term ‘internship’ is used to describe an internship-like experience. Edureka will not pay or hire learners.

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Industry Grade Project

Ethically Hacking an Amazon like E-Commerce Website

Perform Penetration testing on an E-Commerce website like Amazon using Kali Linux, Burp Suite, Recon-ng framework, etc to discover hidden flags and vulnerabilities.


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Cyber Security Internship Program FAQs

Cyber Security safeguards systems, networks, and other digital technology from malicious attacks. To ensure that the world of the internet is clean and secure for its users, the necessity for Cybersecurity is a necessity. It protects you from cyber-criminals and fraudsters, hackers, and anyone who would like to hurt you financially, emotionally, or cyber-crime online.

Anyone interested in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking can join this program.

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in this Cyber Security internship program. From level 0, you will learn about operating systems and other important topics, then the fundamentals of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, and finally advanced level topics so you become an expert in Cyber Security. All you need are basic computer skills, dedication, and a desire to learn.

Yes, the Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking internship program is designed to help you learn the fundamentals that are required in pursuing a career in cyber security and learn what it takes to prepare you for challenging roles such as a penetration tester or a security officer.

Over time while learning new technologies and their respective security aspects this course will ensure that you will have the foundational knowledge required to approach it and handle challenges that might emerge from new software and technologies in the future.

This structure will direct you on a path to help you develop into a Cyber Security Professional and help you understand what corporate recruiters would expect while interviewing you.

You will need 15 to 20 hours every week or 2-3 hours every day to do well in this course. This includes attending 4-hour live instructor-led classes and 2-hour live doubt sessions every week.

No. You will only get an Edureka Internship Certificate if you complete the project within the timeline. We will give you adequate time, required guidance, and help to complete the project, but if you still fail, you will not get the Edureka Internship Certificate.
The Edureka Super Intern certificate will only be given to learners who complete the project within the set timeline, help other learners and work with them as a team, and come up with innovative ideas during the development of the projects.
The course is designed for students and recent graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in the Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Domain. This course will follow a hands-on training structure developed by industry experts. From Day 1, you will start learning the fundamentals of Cyber Security and Operating Systems and after the successful completion of this course, you will get an Internship certificate from Edureka.
This is an internship program. After the completion of this program, we do not guarantee any paid internship or full-time offer with Edureka or any other organization. However, in this program, we will guide you on how to get a paid internship or a full-time offer. We may refer you as well if there’s a suitable opening in Edureka or any of its partner hiring companies.
Yes. We have an option to pay the course fee in 2 installments
For any queries, you can write to us at
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