Difference between python programing and scripting

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Is there a difference between python programing and scripting. If yes, as a DevOps Engineer which one should be learnt to handle all the devops related activities.
Nov 27, 2020 in Python by Shashi
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Generally, all the scripting languages are considered programming languages. The main difference between both is scripting languages don’t require any compilation and are directly interpreted.

The compiled codes execute faster than the interpreted codes as they are changed in to a native machine program.  

scripting refers to the automation of tasks that could be manually done one by one, by a program written in an interpreted (rather than compiled) programming language. Coding is a more general term, but I assume that you mean what is not scripting in Python: it is writing Python modules, i.e block of codes that can be reused in Python scripts or in other Python modules.

For example, the following hello_world.py is a script:

  • #!/usr/bin/python 
  • print(“Hello world !”) 
    answered Nov 27, 2020 by Gitika
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