How to import other Python files

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How do I import other files in Python?

  1. How exactly can I import a specific python file like import
  2. How can I import a folder instead of a specific file?
  3. I want to load a Python file dynamically at runtime, based on user input.
  4. I want to know how to load just one specific part from the file.

For example, in I have:

from extra import * 

Although this gives me all the definitions in, when maybe all I want is a single definition:

def gap():

What do I add to the import statement to just get gap from

Nov 26, 2020 in Python by Rajiv
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  1. Just import file without the '.py' extension.

  2. You can mark a folder as a package, by adding an empty file named

  3. You can use the __import__ function. It takes the module name as a string. (Again: module name without the '.py' extension.)

    pmName = input('Enter module name:')
    pm = __import__(pmName)

    Type help(__import__) for more details.

answered Nov 26, 2020 by Gitika
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