Re-balancing error while reading messages from Kafka.

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When I am trying to read messages from a Kafka topic, but the process gets killed with following error:

[2017-08-18 08:11:21,215] ERROR Error processing message, stopping consumer:  (kafka.consumer.ConsoleConsumer$)
kafka.common.ConsumerRebalanceFailedException: topic1 can't rebalance after 4 retries
    at kafka.consumer.ZookeeperConsumerConnector$ZKRebalancerListener.syncedRebalance(ZookeeperConsumerConnector.scala:428)
    at kafka.consumer.ZookeeperConsumerConnector.kafka$consumer$ZookeeperConsumerConnector$$reinitializeConsumer(ZookeeperConsumerConnector.scala:718)
    at kafka.consumer.ZookeeperConsumerConnector$WildcardStreamsHandler.<init>(ZookeeperConsumerConnector.scala:752)
    at kafka.consumer.ZookeeperConsumerConnector.createMessageStreamsByFilter(ZookeeperConsumerConnector.scala:142)
    at kafka.consumer.ConsoleConsumer$.main(ConsoleConsumer.scala:196)
    at kafka.consumer.ConsoleConsumer.main(ConsoleConsumer.scala)
Consumed 0 messages

Can anyone help me with this rebalancing issue?

Jul 9, 2018 in Apache Kafka by coldcode
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1 answer to this question.

0 votes defines the time for which Kafka will wait before rebalancing & parameter specifies the time for which Kafka will wait to connect to zookeeper. So, try adjusting these two parameters.

Hope this helps!

answered Jul 9, 2018 by Shubham
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