Multithreading in Java with priorities

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Hello Everyone, exists in java a thread pool that provides threads whose priority level can be chosen?
Nov 6, 2020 in Java by Juan
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HI, @Juan,

By default, a thread inherits the priority of its parent thread. You can increase or decrease the priority of any thread with the setPriority method. You can set the priority to any value between MIN_PRIORITY (defined as 1 in the Thread class) and MAX_PRIORITY (defined as 10)

A thread pool reuses previously created threads to execute current tasks and offers a solution to the problem of thread cycle overhead and resource thrashing. Since the thread is already existing when the request arrives, the delay introduced by thread creation is eliminated, making the application more responsive.

  • Java provides the Executor framework which is centered around the Executor interface, its sub-interface –ExecutorService, and the class-ThreadPoolExecutor, which implements both of these interfaces. By using the executor, one only has to implement the Runnable objects and send them to the executor to execute.
  • They allow you to take advantage of threading, but focus on the tasks that you want the thread to perform, instead of thread mechanics.
  • To use thread pools, we first create an object of ExecutorService and pass a set of tasks to it. ThreadPoolExecutor class allows setting the core and maximum pool size. The runnable that are run by a particular thread are executed sequentially.
answered Nov 6, 2020 by Gitika
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Looking on internet I found this example: what do you think about?

Hi, @juan

You can go through the solution you have mentioned above, anything which can help you out to understand the concept I guess that matters the most.

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