If condition for a popup in UiPath

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Hello everybody!

In a process of mine I want to open the SAP application and sometimes I get asked to put in my password in a popup window. Before that I also get a popup window where I have to click on something and press enter. Both don’t always happen, therefore I want to use the If activity. The problem is that you need to type in a VB expression within the if activity. Now I don’t know how the expression has to look like.
I just want the simple process:
“If popup appears --> click and press enter/type in password --> if not, do the rest”
Hopefully you can understand my problem and are able to help me
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Best regards and stay healthy :)

Nov 3, 2020 in RPA by RandomDude
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Use Element Exists Activity and indicate that Pop up and will give result as Boolean value. If yes then click on Ok button.
So what shall I put into the Output? And does the activity need to be in the If Activity?

I want to post a screenshot, but a maximum length of 50.000 characters is allowed only (don't know why an image has so much characters lol).

I put there the Element Exists activity and indicated on the symbol/popup which appears
Hey @RandomDude, For an example of the usage of the Element Exists Activity, have  a look at https://www.edureka.co/community/41596/how-can-check-if-an-element-window-exists-using-uipath-studio

Also, check this out https://forum.uipath.com/t/if-condition-on-popup/131739/3
Thanks, that helped me out! :)

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