Isolate PHP applications with Docker

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I am trying to setup set of docker containers to serve couple of applications. One of my goals is to isolate PHP applications from each other.

I am new to Docker. So only idea i came up with is to create a dedicated php-fpm container per-application.

I started with official image: php:7.0-fpm but now I think that I may need to create my own general purpose pfp-fpm container (based on mentioned above), add some programs to it (such as ImageMagick) and instantiate couple of such php-fpm+stuff containers per PHP-application, setting up volume pointing strictly to that application source code.

Can anyone help me with this query?


Jul 6, 2018 in Docker by shubham
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Here is what you can try. You can make Dockerfile starting with FROM php:7.0-fpm, with your common programs installed in it.

Then you can make a multiple other Dockerfiles (each in their different folder), starting with FROM <yourFirstImage>, and declaring specifics to each php applications.

I hope, the above explanation will be helpful to you.
answered Jul 6, 2018 by Atul
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